Weather Guidelines
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NISD SHAC approved adverse weather guidelines provide direction for elementary school outdoor activities. 

The following guidelines should be observed during times of excessive heat:

When heat index (feels like temperature) OR the AQI is in this range:

Activity level and precautions:

80-90 F

Outdoor activities allowed. Be alert for early signs of heat related illness. Water breaks and rest in shade every 20 minutes.

90-100 F

Outdoor activities to include rest in shade and water breaks every 15 minutes. Encourage fluids before, during and after outdoor activities.

Be alert for signs of heat related illness, especially for those at a higher risk.

Above 100 F
Orange or Red

No outdoor activities.

The following guidelines should be observed during times of cold weather:

When wind chill or feels like temperature reads:


Below 60 F

Jacket or long sleeves

Below 50 F

Coat and long pants

Below 40 F

Gloves and hats with above recommendations; increased caution; limit outdoor activity to less than 15 minutes

Below 35 F

Indoor recess/PE