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Midpoint Raise F.A.Q.

What is a midpoint raise?

When the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees votes to approve a salary increase, they do so off the midpoint of each pay grade’s salary range. This means all employees in the same position receive the same salary increase following board approval.

How do I calculate my midpoint raise?

Employees’ salary increases are calculated by multiplying their midpoint salary, seen in the district compensation plan, by the percentage increase amount.

If, for example, the school board approves a 3% midpoint raise, you would multiply the midpoint of your salary pay grade range by 0.03, whether it is an annual salary or an hourly salary. You would add this amount to your current salary to see your new salary.

If the midpoint annual salary of your pay grade is $68,105, for example, you would multiply that number by 0.03 to see your annual salary increase is $2,043.15. You would then add that to your current salary for your new salary.

Why isn’t my pay raise calculated by my current salary?

Northwest ISD uses a midpoint raise system to allow employees of the same job type to grow their salary at the same pace. If a pay increase were calculated off an employee’s specific salary, employees of the same type would see different salary increases, and the highest-paid employees would see the biggest increase in salary while the lowest-paid employees would see the smallest. The midpoint system provides integrity to the salary structure for fairness in salaries.

Who will receive a pay increase?

All full-time Northwest ISD employees who are returning and will work during the new academic year will receive a midpoint raise.

When will I receive my first paycheck with the midpoint raise?

You will receive your new compensation with midpoint raise included on your first paycheck of the new school year.

Please use this 2022 - 2023 Compensation Plan to calculate your 2023 midpoint raise.