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Employment & Wage Verification

For Verifying Agencies

WAGEverify  provides automated income and employment verification for all Northwest ISD employees through an online system available to verifiers. Employees secure information is available to verifiers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at This automated process can be utilized for:

  • Commercial and business applications, such as mortgage applications, property leases, credit card applications and pre-employment screening. 
  • Social Service qualified assistance agencies, such as Medicaid, SSI / SSDI, SNAP, TANF, Child Support and Public Housing.

For Northwest ISD Employees

Employees can create a user account in WAGEverify to access verification reports. With a user account, you can enable a text message approval process for notification when your income and employment is requested, allowing you to release or block your information. Employees will be able to pull their own reports directly from the portal free of charge. Using, verifiers can quickly and securely access the information they request, to help you access the credit and services you need. 

WAGEverify Employee User Guide