Employee Handbook

2017-2018 Employee Handbook



Acceptable Use Of Technology Resources

Acceptable Use Of Technology Resources Agreement

Employee Handbook Receipt

District Information

Description of the district
District map
Mission Statement
District goals
Board of Trustees
Board meeting schedule
Administration/Helpful contacts/School directory
School calendar


Equal employment opportunity
Job vacancy announcements
Employment after retirement
Contract and noncontract employment
Certifications and licenses
Searches and alcohol and drug testing
Health safety training
Reassignments and transfers
Workload and work schedules
Breaks for Expression of Milk
Notification to parents regarding qualifications
Outside Employment and Tutoring
Performance evaluation
Employee involvement
Staff development

Compensation and Benefits

Salaries, wages, and stipends
Payroll deposits
Payroll deductions
Overtime compensation
Travel expense reimbursement
Health insurance
Supplemental insurance benefits
Cafeteria plan benefits (Section 125)
Workers' compensation insurance
Unemployment compensation insurance
Teacher retirement

Leaves and Absences

State personal leave
State sick leave
Local sick leave
Local extended sick leave
Family and medical leave
Local Family and medical leave provisions
Temporary disability
Workers' compensation benefits
Assault leave
Bereavement leave
Jury duty
Other court appearances
Military leave

Employee Relations and Communications

Employee recognition and appreciation
District communications
Complaints and Grievances

Employee Conduct and Welfare

Standards of conduct
Code of Ethics
Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation
Harassment of students
Reporting suspected child abuse
Sexual abuse and maltreatment of children
Reporting Crime
Criminal History Background Checks
Employee arrests and convictions
Alcohol- and drug-abuse prevention
Tobacco Products and E-Cigarette Use
Fraud and financial impropriety
Conflict of interest
Gifts and favors
Personal Belongings
Copyrighted materials
Intellectual property
Associations and political activities
Charitable contributions
Possession of firearms and weapons
Visitors in the workplace
Children of Staff Members
Asbestos management plan
Pest control treatment
Technology resources
Personal use of electronic media
Use of electronic media with students

General Procedures

Bad weather closing
Purchasing procedures
Name and address changes
Personnel records
Building use
Distribution of non-school literature

Termination of Employment

Dismissal and non-renewal procedures
Exit interviews and procedures
Reports to Texas Education Agency
Reports concerning court-ordered withholding

Student Issues

Equal educational opportunities
Student records
Parent and student complaints
Administering medication to students
Dietary supplements
Psychotropic drugs
Student conduct and discipline
Student attendance, enrollment eligibility, compulsory attendance


Absence Reporting - AESOP Instructions

Acceptable Use Guidelines - Electronic communications

Board Meeting Schedule

Board Members

Board Policy DA Series-Equal employment opportunity and genetic nondiscrimination

Board policy DBAA- Criminal history and credit reports

Board policy DBD- Conflict of interest

Board policy DC Series- Employment practices

Board Policy DCB-Term Contracts

Board Policy DEA Series-Salaries and wages; incentives and stipends

Board Policy DEC Series- Leaves and Absences

Board Policy DF-Termination of employment

Board policy DFA Series- Termination of, or return to, probationary contract

Board policy DFB Series- Termination of term contracts

Board Policy DFD-Hearings before hearing examiner

Board Policy DFE-Resignations

Board Policy DFF-Reduction in Force

Board Policy DFFA-Reduction in force due to financial exigency

Board Policy DFFB-Reduction in force due to program change

Board Policy DG-Employee rights and privileges

Board Policy DGBA-Employee complaints

Board Policy DH-Employee Standards of Conduct

Board Policy DHB-SBEC reporting

Board policy DHE- Searches and drug/alcohol testing

Board Policy DI-Employee Welfare

Board Policy DIA-Freedom from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation

Board Policy DK-Assignments and Schedules

Board Policy DN Series- Performance appraisal

Board Policy FN-Students Rights and Responsibilities

Board Policy FO Series-Student Discipline

District Map

Power of Attorney - form

Educator Code of Ethics

2017-2018 Monthly Payroll Schedule

2017-2018 Semi Monthly Payroll Schedule

2017-2018 Administration Contact List

Request for family medical leave-form

Request for employee medical leave

Request for temporary disability leave - form

Social Media Guidelines