The Engage Summer Professional learning institute will be held at Byron Nelson High School, 2775 Bobcat Boulevard, Trophy Club, 76262.

For more information, contact:

Stephanie Espinosa, Ed.D.
Executive Director of Curriculum and Staff Development 
817-215-0021 or

Alicia Komarek
Assistant to Executive Director of Curriculum and Staff Development
817-215-0021 or

Cylynn Braswell
Executive Director for Career and Technical Education and Post-Secondary Readiness

Kevin Lacefield, Ed.D.
Executive Director of Fine Arts

Bobby Morris
College and Career Readiness Director 

Cara Carter
Director of Instructional Technology

Audra Rowell
Advanced Academics Coordinator

Veronica Law
Dual Language, ELL, and World Language Coordinator

Sunni Johnson, Ph.D., Elementary
Brittnie Bragg, Secondary
English Language Arts Coordinators

Shaunda Garrison, Elementary
Melanye Griffin, Secondary

Mathematics Coordinators 

Tammy Motley, Elementary
Terry Ward, Secondary

Science Coordinators

Darsi Bickley
Social Studies Coordinator

Jason Sanders
Instructional Technology Coordinator

Micah Gierkey
Stacey Parker

Special Education Supervisors 

Rebecca O'Donovan
Fine Arts Coordinator