Professional Learning Framework Background

Strategic Goal 1 for Northwest Independent School District states that Northwest ISD will design dynamic learning experiences to ensure that all students are future-ready learners. Preparing students for the next level of learning is crucial for ongoing success of students. This Professional Learning Framework outlines Northwest ISD’s professional learning opportunities and expectations for all educators in the district. The framework differentiates expectations for new educators and returning NISD educators and between courses and contents. The framework also outlines expectations for specific contents as well as for special populations. All NISD employees are expected to follow the framework within the time guidelines specified.

The Professional Learning Framework, in conjunction with your T-TESS appraisal, Self-Reflection and Goal Setting documents, will serve as a guide to help educators determine individual learning plans and professional learning goals. At educators’ end of year T-TESS conference, educators will discuss their professional learning goals and determine flex day plans for administrator approval. Click on your grade or content in each of the links below to view your specific course requirements and options for professional growth. Elementary Elementary Core Content PreKindergarten Counselors Fine Arts GATES Intervention Specialists Elementary Physical Education Special Education Nurses Secondary Secondary ELA Secondary Math Secondary Science Secondary Social Studies Career and Technical Education Athletic Coaches Secondary Counselors Secondary Fine Arts Health Secondary Physical Education World Languages Special Education Nurses