Professional Learning Day Schedule

2017-2018 Professional Learning Schedule

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August 1-3, 2017


August 1, 2017


August 2, 2017


August 3, 2017

Keynote: Peter DeWitt (Visible Learning & Feedback)


Keynote: John Almarode (Formative Assessment)



Keynote: Jamie Casap (Google)



Please see the entire ENGAGE Schedule for a list of sessions for teachers to attend.


New Teacher Professional Learning Days

August 14-16, 2017


August 14, 2017


August 15, 2017


August 16, 2017

New Teacher & Mentor time on home campus - a.m.

Curriculum Overview

*T-TESS Orientation OR

Thinking Maps


(for those new teachers still needing)

New Teacher Luncheon & Ambassador training

(Report to Northwest HS by 12:00 p.m.)


All Teachers Return


August 17, 2017

Campus Learning Day



August 18, 2017

Campus Learning Day



August 21, 2017

Teacher Work Day – am

Convocation – 12:30 pm Band begins


August 22, 2017

Curriculum Updates


August 23, 2017

Campus Learning Day


August 24, 2017

Teacher PLC Day


August 25, 2017

Teacher Work Day

District Professional Learning Days are from 8:30-4:00 with a lunch from 11:30-1:00 (unless otherwise noted). Campus times will be determined by the campus principal.


Campus and District Professional Learning Days are days that are led by the campus principal or a district coordinator or administrator. These days typically consist of learning targeted specific information that might involve State of the Campus, a specific professional learning module, or looking at curriculum changes.

Campus and District PLC Days are true PLC days. Teachers work in teams during these days to collaborate and work through a PLC agenda. See Professional Learning Community for more details about what happens during a PLC.  


Professional Days During the School Year


October 6, 2017 – (Early Release)

Campus Day – Parent/Teacher Conferences


October 9, 2017 – Flex Day

Teachers will earn this as a flex day by holding parent conferences after school hours. Teachers are required to get 6 hours of conference time to use this day as flex.
(Principals will turn in a plan to meet these requirements.) Click
here for flex day requirements and form to turn in to your Executive Director.


November 20-21, 2017 – Flex Days

POE-logo1.pngTeachers earn flex time by attending a minimum of 12 hours of professional learning throughout the summer. Flex days must be approved by campus principals prior to the professional learning. Click here to see flex day requirements for teachers.

December 21-22, 2017 – Student Early Release Days

Teacher PLC/Work Time for end of Semester


January 8, 2018

Campus Professional Learning Day – am

Teacher PLC Day - pm


February 16, 2018 – (Early Release)

Teacher Professional Learning Day


February 19, 2018 – Snow Day

District PLC Day


March 30, 2018 – Snow Day

In addition to the November “flex days”, teachers can earn an additional six (6) flex hours to “flex out” the March 30, 20178 Professional Learning day. This day is designated as a Bad Weather Make-Up Day/Staff Professional Learning. If the district must designate that day as a Bad Weather Make-Up Day than six (6) hours of professional work will be considered as “other duties as assigned” as stated in NISD professional contracts. Teachers and administrators will be expected to fulfill work duties on March 30, 2018.


Principals will turn in a plan to meet these requirements. Click here for flex day requirements and form for April 14th to turn in to your Executive Director.


Click here to see flex day requirements for teachers. This form is the same form used for the November flex day.


May 31 & June 1, 2018 – (Early Release)

Teacher PLC/Work Time for end of Semester


June 2, 2018

Teacher Work Day