Development Process
NISD Future Ready Committee
Development Process


I. District Mission Statement:
Northwest ISD, in partnership with parents and community, will provide all students a premier education, preparing them to be successful, productive citizens.

II. Committee Purpose:
The purpose of the NISD Future Ready Committee will be to identify, define measurable objectives that align with the NISD Profile of a Graduate. This will allow all NISD stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of student programs.

III. Desired Outcomes:
The committee will review the NISD Profile of a Graduate, the NISD Community-Based Accountability System (CBAS), Community and Student Engagement (CaSE) from House Bill 5, and research regarding the future of education to develop a set of criteria that will allow NISD to share results of its desired mission to create Future Ready Students.

IV. Committee Membership:
Robert Thornell, Ed.D. – Assistant Supt. for Curriculum & Instruction Melissa DeSimone, Ph.D. – Director of Research, Assessment, and Accountability 

Subcommittee Leaders:

Resource Priority Area Persons(s) Responsible
Academic Goal #1: Early Literacy

Sunni Johnson, Ed.D. – Elementary ELA Coordinator

Michael Griffin, Ed.D – Exec. Director for Elementary Education

Academic Goal #2: Advanced Academics Logan Faris, Ed.D. – Exec. Directory for Secondary Education
Academic Goal #3: PBMAS Jennifer Alexander, Ed.D. – Exec. Director of Student Services
Academic Goal #4 Q1: Academic Distinctions Stephanie Espinosa, Ed.D. – Exec. Director of Curriculum and Staff Development
Beginning in 2017-2018, each campus must select 3 of the 8 HB5 categories to self-evaluate. The District will continue to self-evaluate on all 8 categories.   Melissa DeSimone, PhD. Director of Research, Assessment, and Accountability
HB5: Fine Arts Kevin Lacefield, Ed.D.- Exec. Director of Fine Arts
HB5: Wellness and Physical Education Joel Johnson, Exec. Director of Athletics
HB5: Community and Parent Involvement Emily Conklin, Director of Communications
HB5: 21st Century Workforce Development Program CyLynn Braswell, Exec. Dir. of Career, Technical Education, and Innovation
HB5: Second Language Acquisition Program Suzie McNeese, Director of Student Services
HB5: Digital Learning Environment Cara Carter, Director of Instructional Technology
HB5: Dropout Prevention Strategies Jamie Farber, Director of Guidance and Counseling
HB5: Educational Programs for Gifted and Talented Students Audra Rowell, Coordinator of Advanced Academics

Campus Members:

  • Elementary Principals
  • Middle School Principals
  • High School Principals
  • Elementary Teachers
  • Middle School Teachers
  • High School
  • Parents
  • Students
  • Community Members
  • Central Administration Members