PSAT Testing Information
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PSAT Testing in NISD will be the following dates:

th grade, and 11th grade - Wednesday, October 13th
8th grade  - January 19th on their home campus 

The following is some information/guides to help each campus have a successful PSAT testing day.

Please also visit the College & Career Readiness site for more detail student information.


Testing Suggestions:

  • Team—consist of AP’s, Librarian, Student Services Facilitator, Nurse
  • Cross train everyone on every part but have a few with specific duties. Make a checklist (Middle School Checklist) (High School Checklist)
  • Offer many sessions of training in one day, make list of each person who needs to attend training, cross off when they come.  (maybe write on dry-erase board, very visual for everyone)
  • Nurse—have the nurse send list of students with medications. Have a table set up in hall for her to administer medications during break. The list will help notate which students to send.
  • Students backpacks—have them at the front of the room, phones OFF (not just vibrate).  Have student place snacks on the outside of backpack.  They are not allowed to open the backpacks at all during testing.
  • Calculators - Have one person assigned to handle these. (Math chair?) This person will work with the science department to coordinate all the calculator needs.
  • Month ahead—During English class pass out student information booklet and review student email with PSAT details.  Also, send out flyers and information to parents.  Ex:  Student email-MSStudent Email-HS, Ex. Parent letter-MSParent Letter-HS 
  • Verify that every students answer sheet has the grade selected.  The district receive an additional charge for every answer sheet not noted what grade level. (ie: 8th, 10th, 11th grade)

Campus Codes:

Northwest High School 443715
Byron Nelson High School 444916
V.R. Eaton High School 442611
Steele Accelerated 445889
Chisholm Trail Middle School 449782
Gene Pike Middle School 449783
Medlin Middle School 449784
John Tidwell Middle School 449785
Truett Wilson Middle School 449786
Leo Adams Middle School 448262

Fall College, Career and Military Readiness Opportunity (English)
Fall College, Career and Military Readiness Opportunity (Spanish)