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Safety Tips

Keep Contact Information Updated

Please notify your child's campus office staff with any changes in address, home phone number, cell phone and office numbers. We want to keep our parents informed of any emergency situations.

Tips for Visiting Campuses

There are specific actions parents, guardians and other loved ones can take to be part of a safe and secure school environment. Please help keep your campus safe by doing the following:

  • Enter and exit the building through the main entrance when visiting a campus.
  • Always sign in at the front office to ensure that parents and other visitors are properly identified.
  • Leave entrances and exits locked at all times. Exterior doors should not be propped open.
  • Continue to be timely in picking up your child after school and after school functions so as not to leave the child waiting outside for a ride.

How to React in Emergencies

If your child's campus enters into an emergency situation, expect communication from your school or the district as soon as facts have been confirmed. As you briefly wait for information, please keep the following in mind:

  • Check your email for communication from your school or the district. Most messages are sent through either email or phone. If an emergency event lasts a long period of time, the district may direct you to follow the NISD website or social media, as email and phone calls may have delayed delivery, while the website and social media can be immediately updated for everyone to see.
  • As soon as possible, the district will activate its emergency call line to place a phone call explaining the situation to you. Please listen carefully to the message. There will be limited personnel available to answer phone calls from parents and phone lines may become overextended. Calling the school will tie up the phone lines and disrupt the flow of vital information between the school and authorities.
  • When schools are in lockdown, please do not come to the school. A lockdown is designed to keep students and staff inside the building away from harm. Entrances to the school are to be kept locked during this time.
  • If your child reports to you that a drill took place at his/her campus that day, please take the opportunity to discuss the importance of drills and safety precautions.
  • In the event of an emergency, students will be released to their families as soon as it is safe to do so. Local response personnel will determine when it is safe for the schools to begin releasing students. Only an authorized person as noted on the student forms on file in the school office will be able to pick up your child. A drivers license or other form of photo I.D. must be shown before staff can safely release your child. Note that in the event of an emergency, phone calls authorizing a students release to a person other than a parent or name on file will not be accepted.
  • If the need arises to implement these safety protocols, cooperating with campus personnel in a calm manner will ensure safe and timely release for students.

Responding to Strangers

Strangers are a very important issue for parents to speak about with their children and should not be taken lightly. Please take this opportunity to talk to your children about how to handle interactions with people they do not know. Below are a few things to remind your children about.

  • Don’t speak to strangers
  • Leave the area
  • Run home
  • Tell a parent or trusted adult

Parents should always report these types of incidents to the proper authorities immediately.