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The 87th Legislature

The 87th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature began on January 12, 2021. The historic session was shaped by the COVID pandemic and the  unusual February winter storm which impacted the state’s electric grid. The 87th Regular Session adjourned on May 31, and was followed by three special sessions. 

Northwest ISD's 87th Legislative Session Summary
Second Special Session Update - September 3, 2001
Public Education Passed Bills of Interest - June 21, 2021

Congressional and state legislative district lines were redrawn and approved during the Third Special Session following the 2020 Census. Click here to view the impact on Northwest ISD's boundary and the district lines, and click here to view the impact on Northwest ISD's delegation for the 2022 elections. 

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In order to best represent you, our legislators must know the issues that matter most to you. Contact your legislators, and let your voice be heard.

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2021 Northwest ISD Legislative Priorities

Budget - Legislative Concern

Northwest ISD’s state budget loss topped the district’s legislative concerns heading into the 87th Legislative Session. 

Click here to read more about Northwest ISD's legislative priorities, including three critical concerns for the 87th Legislative Session:
- State Budget Loss and Fast Growth
- Reading Academies
- Elections & Ballot Requirements

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to view Northwest ISD's 2021 Legislative Concerns.

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2021 Northwest ISD Legislative Priorities

Northwest ISD regularly advocates for public education to elected state officials. The NISD Board of Trustees approved the district's legislative priorities in January 2020, with a review in December 2020, that best represent the interest of the district, its students, and families.

The priorities focus on five key areas: fast growth, school finance, accountability and assessment, area transportation needs, and safety and security. These areas were chosen based on important issues affecting Northwest ISD as well as state education in general.

Fast Growth 
Provide considerations, accommodations, and relief for fast-growth school districts.

School Finance
 Create an adequate and equitable system with local discretion that accommodates fast growth and ensures the community’s needs are met.

Accountability & Assessment
 Establish a system that looks beyond the STAAR exam and measures what the community prioritizes, and oppose A-F ratings.

North Texas & NISD Growing Transportation Needs
 Support efforts and funding to address the expansion and improvement of transportation infrastructure in response to the rapid growth of the North Texas area.

School Safety & Security
Support funding student and school safety initiatives and flexibility in how funds are used to meet the needs of the community.

Legislative Concerns:
HB 4545 Accelerated Learning and the new HB 233 "Fix"

The 87th Legislature passed House Bill 4545 intending to assist students who did not perform satisfactorily on the state’s standardized test – STAAR. While Northwest ISD certainly agrees with supporting students and providing additional structures and systems as needed, there are grave concerns with the specific requirements of HB 4545 and the limitation of parental and local control over decisions for our students.

HB 4545 includes several new requirements, including a mandate for 30 hours of supplemental accelerated instruction for each area in which a student did not reach “Approaches” or higher on last year’s state assessment or if they did not take the STAAR test (even if it was due to COVID health and safety concerns). Parents and caregivers of impacted students were notified prior to the start of the 2021-2022 school year and some students’ schedules were changed so that they could be placed in intervention courses as required by HB 4545.

While Northwest ISD is taking steps to implement the requirements of the new bill, Superintendent Ryder Warren and the school district’s leadership team have been sharing concerns about the potential negative impact of implementing HB 4545 with local legislators. In collaboration with fellow area school districts, Northwest ISD also sent a joint letter outlining concerns for the bill and recommended changes.

HB 4545 immediately became law and is in effect, but you are encouraged to share your thoughts and/or concerns about the requirements of HB 4545 with your local legislators now. A new bill has been introduced in the special session - House Bill 233 - as a possible "fix" to many of the concerns school districts have with HB 4545.



Legislative Concerns: Remote Learning

The 87th Legislative Session ended without the approval of legislation that would have allowed most school districts to continue remote learning programs. While Texas provided funds for remote learning during the start of the COVID pandemic, that is no longer an option and the legislative session ended before a bill that had gained the approval of both the House and the Senate was passed. Without funding, school district’s like Northwest ISD will not be able to properly provide and fund a remote learning option for students – despite rising concerns as area COVID cases increase.

Governor Abbott convened a second special session of the legislature on August 7, 2021, and included strategies for public education during the COVID pandemic on the agenda. A new bill introduced during the special session, Senate Bill 15, would allow an avenue and funding for school districts to provide a remote learning option, if approved.

Northwest ISD will continue to monitor this, and if you are concerned about remote learning and would like the option of a remote learning program for your child, please contact your legislators and share your concerns.

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