Message to Parents




It is unbelievable that I’m sending you the “end of the year” update.  The end of our school year is here, and you truly need to know that it has been amazing to see the growth our students have shown this year.  I have enjoyed being on all of our thirty campuses this year and attending the special events, games, and performances.  The 2018-2019 school year has been outstanding, and that is due to all of the efforts of our students, our teachers and staff members, and our families.  I am very proud of all NISD stakeholders.

Another group that I appreciate (and I don’t always say this) is the Texas Legislature.  They maintained their focus on public schools this legislative session. The 86th Legislative Session ended on Monday, May 27, following a very busy spring. We now have a new Texas school finance system – the first major rewrite of the law since 1985. While we – and every other school district in Texas – are still working through the details of what will be the new school finance system, I am hopeful that the overall impact will be positive for our district. I will schedule a Facebook Live discussion in June to provide you a legislative update once we finish analyzing the impact of the legislative session on Northwest ISD.

As a fast-growth school district, school finance is an extremely important issue as we consider the services we provide to our children, the cost impacts of those services on our taxpayers, and the long-term financial wellbeing of our school district. With a vision to empower learners and leaders to positively impact the world, setting a responsible budget while putting kids first is a challenge. Your NISD School Board and the NISD leadership team are currently working to develop our district’s budget and tax rate for the coming school year, so I will also give you an update on this endeavor during the Facebook Live presentation.  We are excited to welcome our newest school board member, DeAnne Hatfield, to the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees. A long-time resident, former student and employee, and relative of our school’s namesake (W. R. Hatfield Elementary School), we know she will be a great addition to help our district move forward.

As we get into the summer months, it is very important that we all take time to recharge – that goes for students, staff, and parents/caregivers.  Please take some time to do this over the next couple of months.  Another important responsibility we have is to prepare ourselves for an even better school year that will start in August.  We are going to set even loftier academic goals for our students, because they deserve the very best we can bring to them.

Two challenges will continue to be on our plate next year. These have been discussed in detail, but I do want to remind parents.  At the very beginning of our new school year, we are going to focus on student issues that are of much concern for us which are e-cigarettes and the need to show respect to one another, even in light of our differences. 

As I’ve shared with you before, students’ use of e-cigarettes and any instances of inappropriate, discriminatory actions will never be accepted in Northwest ISD.  We owe it to our kids to help them better respect themselves and their own health, as well as to respect each others’ differences. Please continue talking to your child about this over the summer months, and know that our leadership team will be developing plans to help address these issues next year as well.

You are your child’s greatest advocate, role model, and guide, and I especially want to thank you for providing such a great foundation and support system for your student this year. Whether your child is graduating from kindergarten, high school, or somewhere in between, I know you are so proud. My goal is that our schools will walk shoulder to shoulder with you to meet the needs of our kids, and I appreciate your partnership. 

I look forward to seeing all of our new and returning students for the first day of school on Tuesday, August 20, 2019. Thank you for a wonderful school year, and have a safe and fun summer break. 

Thank you, 

Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools
Northwest Independent School District