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The 1:World Experience

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Imagine being a learner and having every resource and connection at your fingertips. For students in Northwest ISD, this concept is a reality, with all of our students kindergarten through 12th grade having 1:1 access to technology.

1:World represents the ratio of one learner to a world of information, resources, and creative potential. It is not about limiting a students to a single device; rather, it is about giving students access to the right device at the right time.

In a district that understands the value of technology in the classroom as a means to elevate and enhance teaching and learning, this program capitalizes on preparing our students to be Future Ready.

Our educators and district leaders understand that leveraging technology, both in the classroom and at home, provides the opportunity for students to become progressively active learners, problem-solvers, and creative thinkers. Through 1:World, Northwest ISD aims to unite all of our stakeholders in a partnership supporting the advancement of student achievement.

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