Technology Division

Technology Division


Adam Feind, CETL
Assistant Superintendent of Technology

Pam Weathers
Administrative Assistant 
to  Assistant Superintendent of Technology
KIDS COME FIRST is a guiding belief that precedes everything we do. It is our goal to provide a premier infrastructure and access to state-of-the-art teaching and learning tools that best meet the needs of our students and staff. Our team provides technology resources to its students and staff for educational and administrative purposes.

The goal in providing these resources is to promote educational excellence within Northwest ISD by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication with the support and supervision of parents, teachers, and support staff.

  • Provide strategic direction and long-range planning for the deployment, integration and operation of technology in all aspects of the district’s programs and operations
  • Coordination and direction for technology services to ensure effective use of resources
  • Provide a robust infrastructure that supports our anywhere, anytime learning philosophy
  • Focus on student learning, meet their learning objectives at high and rigorous levels
  • Empower educators and students to take the learning experience to a level of depth that would not be possible without technology