Approved Tools & Resources
When integrating digital tools into the classroom, its important to first determine the purpose and define the goals of the lesson. Once the goal is clearly defined, teachers and students can then select a tool that matches their needs and complements the purpose of the lesson. 

The vision of Northwest ISD is to empower educators with skills they need to review and understand the privacy policies and the terms of conditions for tools they want to use with students. While we have recommended tools located in the NISD portal ( and vet many of our digital partners through a Data Sharing Agreement (DSA), we do not want to stifle the teachers ability to seek out other resources. Therefore, below are some resources to help and empower our teachers.

Educators are responsible for reviewing the terms and conditions of every tool they use. It is of utmost importance to be cognizant of the student age requirements and the student data that is collected by the tool. For more information on student privacy, please visit

NISD has an online Privacy Certification course with that will empower the teacher to keep student data safe. The specific objectives for this course are as follows:
1. Describe the connection between data privacy and your role as a teacher and employee. 
2. Express the importance of balancing technology and learning goals with privacy and security responsibilities.
3. Identify key competencies necessary to promote digital privacy and safety for students. 


Tools That Make IT Click is a curated list of tried and true tools that have been used in classrooms across NISD. This quick reference guide allows us to focus on quality, pedagogy, and instruction while leaving the choice of the tool up to the educator/student. Visit it any time at