Instructional Technology Focuses
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Digital Learning Environment
The Instructional Technology team works with educators to design and build their own digital learning environments to interact with their students in a variety of ways, including discussion boards, assignments, digital resources, quizzes, class announcements, etc. The IT team is also responsible for managing and assisting stakeholders with the NISD Learning Management Systems (LMS). Moodle is the primary LMS for secondary grades, and Seesaw is the primary LMS for elementary grades.  Students can access their LMS on any device with an internet connection to interact with the digital environment and complete assigned tasks. Parents can visit the LMS to stay current on student assignments, important dates, and general information about student courses. For more information, check out these important resources:
District requirements for secondary courses in Moodle
Moodle best practices, tutorials, and FAQS
District requirements for elementary courses in Seesaw
Seesaw best practices, tutorials, and FAQS

Digital Tools and Resources
The Instructional Technology team supports students by helping them thrive in their digital environment, and supports teachers by providing professional development and resources that focus on goals, pedagogy, and instructional strategies.  When integrating digital tools into the classroom, its important to first determine the purpose and define the goals of the lesson. Once the goal is clearly defined, teachers and students can then select a tool that matches their needs and complements the purpose of the lesson.  Students and teachers access the majority of digital tools through the NISD portal, allowing them to spend less time navigating tools and more time learning.  For any other tools that staff may want to use, the IT team is available to brainstorm, lesson plan, and support as needed.

As 21st-century citizens, students must be prepared with high levels of academic strengths including literacy, digital skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication. ePortfolios give students a space of their own where they can showcase authentic learning and share their work. Creating and maintaining an ePortfolio helps prepare all students to be successful, productive citizens that are future ready. At Northwest ISD, third through twelfth-grade students utilize Google Sites as their primary platform for ePortfolios. For Kindergarten through second grade, the campus leadership team can make the determination regarding whether Seesaw or Google Sites best meets their learners' needs.  

Making IT Click Blog - Showcasing Authentic Student Learning
Student work should be at the forefront of any successful school district. The Instructional Technology Department uses the Making IT Click blog as a vessel to showcase this work. We update the blog each week in order to maintain the integrity and quality of the work shown. In addition to providing a broad audience for our student's work, we are also being transparent in what we value as quality evidence of authentic and innovative learning.

Expo celebrates future-ready learning by involving fellow students, teachers, and the community in an exhibition of Northwest ISD’s innovative and inspiring educational opportunities.

At Northwest ISD, we believe authentic and innovative learning should be celebrated and shared with the community. Expo is an annual, district-wide event where students have the opportunity to showcase their work to a broader audience and involve all stakeholders in their learning. The event gives students the chance to shine as they fine tune their presentation skills and communicate their innovative ideas in a variety of ways. Come see what expo has to offer at