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Choose kindness in recognition of Bullying Prevention Month

Choose kindness in recognition of Bullying Prevention Month

Northwest ISD encourages all students, families and staff to support one another as we celebrate Bullying Prevention Month! Celebrated annually in October, Bullying Prevention Month is designed to encourage inclusivity and welcomeness across the United States. For those dealing with bullying or simply conflicts between students, visit for resources on how to report bullying or conflicts as well as resources about the process.

In our school district, schools strive to maintain a welcoming environment where all students, staff, family members and visitors are valued and appreciated. As part of this effort, we work to eliminate all forms of bullying or similar behavior that would make any individual feel unwelcomed.

As defined by state education code and adopted under board policy FFI, bullying is the "single significant act or a pattern of acts by one or more students directed at another student that exploits an imbalance of power." According to state code, bullying can be engaged through "written or verbal expression, expression through electronic means, or physical conduct" that satisfies specific requirements. While the term bullying has been used with increasing frequency to describe any conflicts between students, not all interpersonal conflicts rise to the level of bullying.

See the difference between bullying and interpersonal conflict as well as ways to report bullying and what the investigation process entails at the district's bullying prevention webpage.