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Jonathan Pastusek named chief financial officer

Jonathan Pastusek named chief financial officer
A headshot of Jonathan Pastusek
Jonathan Pastusek

Northwest ISD has named Jonathan Pastusek as the district’s new chief financial officer, filling the vacant position with a financial leader who has initiated changes saving the district millions of dollars.

Mr. Pastusek joined the district as executive director of finance in 2019, a position where he oversaw financial planning and management for Northwest ISD and all its schools. In his role, Mr. Pastusek helped steer a budget refinement process that transitioned the district from consecutive budget-deficit years under new state finance laws to consecutive budget-surplus years.

“Northwest ISD sets a standard of excellence that our financial services employees have met for decades,” Mr. Pastusek said. “We use taxpayer dollars wisely to provide the best learning environments possible for our students and teachers, and I look forward to continuing this standard as we experience tremendous growth in the coming years. My ultimate responsibility is to support the teachers and schools educating our nearly 30,000 students while preparing for the tens of thousands of students who will join us in the decades to come.”

Over the past three years, Mr. Pastusek has been actively involved in numerous initiatives to save the district money. These include investment strategies to maximize interest earnings, bond sales and refunding, COVID pandemic and ESSER grants. He has overseen management of the financial services department, payroll department, accounting department and accounts payable.

Prior to joining Northwest ISD, Mr. Pastusek served as chief financial officer in nearby Bowie ISD from 2014 to 2019. At Bowie ISD, he managed operations of all financial and business affairs.

Notably, Mr. Pastusek brings prior experience as an educator to his position, having previously served as head basketball coach for three years at Notre Dame High School in Wichita Falls, his alma mater.

Prior to his time in public education, Mr. Pastusek spent several years in the commercial finance sector. He served as the chief financial officer at Chandler MFG and SuperTherm Fluid Heating Services, a business manager at Energy Service Company, and a leasing officer at American National Bank.

Mr. Pastusek earned both his master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Midwestern State University, majoring in business administration as a graduate student and in finance as an undergraduate student.