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LRPC website updates community on facility planning progress

Northwest ISD is the fastest-growing school district in North Texas attracting more than 2,000 new students each academic year. Due to such rapid enrollment, the district must continually evaluate facilities and support systems to determine if the learning environments, equipment and infrastructure are equipped to best support the future growing student population.

To assist the district in this effort, members of the NISD Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) provide numerous levels of invaluable input. The LRPC consists of various members from local communities — parents, staff, business owners and more — who are willing and able to provide diverse perspectives. The LRPC meets often to study and prioritize the facility needs of the school district and assists in providing recommendations to the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees.

A LRPC website has been created to keep the NISD community informed on the progress of the committee and the facility planning process. To view meeting presentations and notes, to submit a question or to view LRPC resources, please visit