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NISD teams place in the top 20 at Destination Imagination Global Finals

NISD teams place in the top 20 at Destination Imagination Global Finals

The Global Destination Imagination Tournament hosted hundreds of teams from across the country and world in Kansas City, Missouri, May 22-25. In Destination Imagination there are six team challenges; each team picks one challenge to work through starting in September. By the time a team has qualified for Globals, they have placed at the GFW Regional Tournament and the Texas Affiliate Tournament. At Globals, they are competing against forty other teams from around the world.

Northwest ISD had three elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school advance to Globals.

The Wabbits from Lakeview Elementary and The Snacks are Back from Thompson Elementary both competed in the Scientific challenge, Blast from the Past. This was The Wabbits’ second trip to Globals and they placed ninth; last year they placed 12th. This was the first time The Snacks are Back advanced to Globals and they placed in the top 20.

Another Lakeview team, Bacon on Deck, completed in the Service Learning challenge, Uncharted. This team, in its first trip to Global Finals, placed third! The team addressed a real community need in a new and innovative way. Because their solution had a greater impact than even they envisioned, they were also honored with The Torchbearer Award.

Medlin Middle School and Worthington Middle School represented NISD middle schools at Globals. Worthington’s team, Socks-n’-Crocs, competed in the Fine Arts challenge, In Motion. The team has been together since elementary school and this was their first in-person trip to Globals, placing 12th. Take 5, Medlin’s team, placed in the top 20 in Uncharted, the Service Learning challenge.

The Average Joes is a team comprised of students from Northwest High School and Byron Nelson High School. Having been together for many years, they participated in Going the Distance, the Engineering challenge. They came in eighth place.

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To get a sneak peek of next year’s challenges, visit the Destination Imagination website. If you want to get involved for the 2024-25 DI season, contact Marcie Conrad ( or your child’s campus for more information.

Team Name Campus Team Managers Challenge Team Members Global Results  
Bacon on Deck Lakeview Elementary School Kim Fine Uncharted

Camden Trotter

Carter Ceman

Crosby Fine

Victoria Duet

Liam Hicks


Torchbearer Award

3 students dressed as jungle animals competing at Destination Imagination Globals


Take 5 Medlin Middle School

Jennifer Scroggins

Laurie Baxter


Wiley Baxter

Skylar Fine

Sydni Johns

Nick Stowe

Nicholas Scroggins

Group of students and teachers seated and smiling for camera at Destination Imagination Globals


Wabbits Lakeview Elementary School

Meagan Morace

Caitlin Andrews

Blast from the Past

Leela Cherian

Mary Kuhn

Jackson Andrews

Emmett Gentrup

Cooper Morace

Isabella Martinez

Catherine Robinson

Students competing with handmade set and props at Destination Imagination Globals


The Snacks are Back! Thompson Elementary School

Marcie Conrad

Lance Conrad

Blast from the Past

Dillon Appiah-Amponsah

Bryce Furlow

Kai Marvin

Hailee Rockwell

Rebekah Shoemaker

Arabelle Smith

Alicia Ward

Students dressed as different brands of snacks standing in front of paper mache dragon at Destination Imagination Globals


Average Joes Byron Nelson High School and Northwest High School

Hope Hernandez-Santiago

Angelo Santiago

Going the Distance

Shabbeer Zaki

Sofia Santiago

Jacob Baxley

Taylor Myrick

Carter Fine

Snehal Gupta

Nicholas Golden

Group of students smiling for camera at Destination Imagination Globals


Socks-n'-Crocs Worthington Middle School Heather Martin In Motion

Conner Martin

Marissa Morgan

Aubrey Weldon

Camdyn Reich

Group of students smiling for camera at Destination Imagination Globals