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No two ways about it: NISD student to graduate from two academy programs at different campuses

No two ways about it: NISD student to graduate from two academy programs at different campuses

“I simply decided to take advantage of all of the amazing opportunities the district provides for their students!”

An image of Miranda in front of a BME backdrop.

V. R. Eaton High School senior Miranda Bauer is making district history by becoming the first student to graduate from two separate academies — located at different campuses — offered through Northwest ISD. Bauer has completed enough courses to fulfill requirements for both the Business Management and Entrepreneurship Academy, located at Eaton High School, and the Cosmetology Academy, located at James M. Steele Early College High School. 

“I’ve always loved doing hair, makeup and nails, but I didn’t think there was a way I could join and also remain in the Business Academy,” said Bauer. “Just two days before my junior year, I started emailing with Mr. Browarski, who leads the Business Academy, and my counselor to see if pursuing two academies was even possible. But after correspondence with the district and adjusting my schedule, we were able to make it work!”

A picture of Miranda in curling a student's hair.

Overseeing the academies and the district’s programs of study, Northwest ISD’s Career and Technical Education department challenges all students to aspire to their full potential and advance with specialized academic and technical skills. To finalize rigorous graduation requirements, Bauer has spent her last two summers in the classroom completing summer school courses. 

“The biggest obstacle I had to face was being able to fit two academies into my schedule,” Bauer said. “Cosmetology takes up three class periods and senior year in the Business Academy takes up two class periods. Because I still had many core class credits that needed to be completed, I had to figure out a way to do them outside of school.”

An image of Miranda presenting to a class.

As an active member of two academies, Bauer’s teachers and classmates were flexible with her schedule, knowing she was heavily involved in earning multiple certifications. Among other accolades, Bauer will graduate from high school this spring with her Texas State Cosmetology License, her Entrepreneurship Small Business certification and four separate Microsoft software credentials.

“Being a part of two academies means a lot of volunteer events, travel, or field trips overlapped with each other,” said Bauer. “My amazing teachers, including Mr. Browarski, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Fowler were always understanding and patient with my situation and made it so I could be actively involved in both academies. I am thankful that NISD has a staff that encourages students to be engaged and involved in the different opportunities the district provides for us!”

An image of Miranda standing in the salon.

Bauer — serving as the Chief Marketing Officer for her business academy company “Nero” — will travel to New York City in April with her teammates to participate in the Virtual Enterprises International competition. Following graduation in May, Bauer plans to attend Abilene Christian University and major in Marketing. Once in Abilene this fall, she hopes to find a job which will utilize her state cosmetology license and help pay her way through college. 

“I think it is important for students to know that if they want to be a dual academy member, communication is the key,” Bauer said. “All the teachers and staff are super understanding and are willing to work with you and your schedule if you just communicate your needs with them! So, take advantage of all the amazing opportunities available!”

To learn more about programs of study available through the district’s Career and Technical Education department, please visit their website