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Nominate an educator for the SHINE Award!

Nominate an educator for the SHINE Award!
Shine Award: Students Honoring Inspiring NISD Educators

NISD students, has one of your teachers made an impact on your life? Nominate them for our new SHINE Award!

The SHINE Award (Students Honoring Inspiring Northwest ISD Educators) is a new NISD award for teachers/staff nominated by students. Winners will be recognized at the end of each nine weeks. Please help us honor our amazing teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors and specialists by filling out the form to nominate your favorite educator!

Please note that this is a STUDENT-ONLY submission.

Younger students may need help from a parent or guardian to fill out the form. If providing help, please try to use the words of the student nominating.

Nominate an educator for the SHINE Award