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Northwest ISD students advance to prestigious state visual art competition

Northwest ISD students advance to prestigious state visual art competition

Northwest ISD will be represented by 14 students — the most recorded by the district — at the State Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) competition in San Antonio. Students advanced to the state level after receiving “superior” rating awards at both regional and area competitions.

VASE is the only art event of its kind for academically eligible high school students. Advancement to State VASE is the highest level of achievement in visual art in Texas. 

“The Northwest ISD fine arts department is very proud of the accomplishments of our students,” said Dr. Kevin Lacefield, Executive Director of Fine Arts. “Being included among the highest achieving visual arts students in the state is an outstanding achievement and we look forward to seeing the art our students produce for years to come.”

Jurors assess each work of art for originality of concept, technical expertise, understanding of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for visual art, and the interpretation of the student's stated intent. Artists who receive a “superior” rating at region are juried again at the area competition. Area medalists advance to the state competition.

While attending the State VASE event in San Antonio April 28-29, students will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, master artist demonstrations, and receive portfolio reviews by college representatives.

The following is a complete list of NISD students who will compete at the State VASE event, including their teachers and artwork:

Eaton High School

Pamica Kiwabonga: "Grow Away"

Teacher: Katherine Nelson

A pitcher made out of ceramics.

Dominik Le: "2010"

Teacher: Toni Byam

A pencil drawing of two people standing outside a building in China.
Magdalena Medrano: "Suspended" Teacher: Rue Dornai
An image of acrobats suspended above each other.

Madison Petty: "Luminous"

Teacher: Toni Byam
A shiny image of a jellyfish.
Gabriella Weeks: "Inside Out" Teacher: Toni Byam
An image of a teenage couple painted on shutters.
Alexis Zeissel: "Shining Noturnal Layers" Teacher: Toni Byam
An image of a frog with many eyeballs in the background.


Byron Nelson High School
Izabela Marojevic: "Judgement"

Teacher: Holly Smethers

An image of a piece of art called "Judgement".
Taylor Thompson: "Flower Girl" Teacher: Justin Burns
A piece of artwork titled "Flower Girl".


Northwest High School
Amelie Howard: "Rose Garden Tea Set"

Teacher: Brittany Shaban

Tea cups and a tea pot made out of clay.
Jenna Johnson: "Toxic Love" and "Angel of Death" Teacher: Christopher Brown
An image of a woman picking fruit.
A paining of a woman hugging a skeleton.
Kaylee Marsh: "Burning Star" Teacher: Brittany Shaban
An image of a girl thinking about her future.
Hailey Mercer: "The Colors of I Love You" Teacher: Brittany Shaban
A colorful image of a dog.
Chloe Ness: "The Garden" Teacher: Brittany Shaban
An image of a snake in a tree.
Camille Ortman: "5:53" Teacher: Brittany Shaban
An image a a teenage girl's bedroom.

For additional information, please visit the VASE website