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Results of Family Survey now viewable in dashboard

Results of Family Survey now viewable in dashboard
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Results from the 2023 Northwest ISD Family Survey are now available for viewing in an online dashboard at, providing residents with the opportunity to view what topics district families feel are most valued as well as their thoughts on district performance.

District families completed the survey over a three-week period, from February 6 to February 27, with responses tied to 4,420 students. The survey’s results provide district and school leaders with valuable insight into areas where families believe the district is succeeding and where it can improve.

Positive satisfaction scores led all categories and all questions, with top-scoring categories including communication, campus climate, safety and classroom instruction. Notably, the vast majority of families said both they and their students feel welcomed and treated with respect by schools, and families also overwhelmingly report that they say their children feel safe in schools.

Questions that resulted in a dissatisfaction score of 10% or more serve as growth opportunities for the district, and leaders will examine these areas for improvement. Some examples of areas for growth include responses to negative student behaviors and bullying. District leaders are already analyzing this data and planning improvements.

Thanks to all families who participated in the Family Survey, as your responses provided quality insights into values and views about our school district. These responses will help us grow as a district to support our shared goals and best meet the needs of our students, families and community.