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Updated mascot design and colors announced for NISD replacement schools

Updated mascot design and colors announced for NISD replacement schools

Northwest ISD will open five new campuses before the start of the 2023-2024 school year, including two replacement elementary schools. In preparation for their opening, the district can proudly announce the updated colors and mascot design for Hatfield Elementary School and Seven Hills Elementary School. 

Students at Hatfield Elementary School, relocated to the Trails of Elizabeth Creek neighborhood of Justin, will continue to wear red and black and call themselves the Cougars.

Cougar face
Cougar body

Bearing his name, W.R. Hatfield assumed many roles — principal, teacher, assistant superintendent, golf coach, class sponsor, counselor and occasional bus driver — during his 20 years with the district. The current Hatfield school building — one of the first built within Northwest ISD boundaries — has been home to thousands of students for the past 25 years.

Students at Seven Hills Elementary School, located on purchased land just behind the current campus, will wear navy blue and red and call themselves the Wolves. Guided by the traits of a Seven Hill’s student, the wolf featured in the school logo also symbolizes strength, playfulness and devotion to family. 

Both campuses – as well as the new C.W. Worthington Middle School, Molly Livengood Carter Elementary School and Johnie R. Daniel Elementary School —are slated to open in August 2023. Names for the new campuses were approved by the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees based on the recommendation of a selection committee following community submissions.

The selection process for colors and the mascot for Worthington Middle School will begin in fall 2022.