A Message from the Superintendent...
A Message from the Superintendent...

I'd like to share with you that the Texas Supreme Court ruled on the school finance case this morning. We have regrettably lost the lawsuit on all counts. This is discouraging news and not the ruling we hoped we would receive. The ruling is still being reviewed, and more information will be shared as we learn more.

"The Texas Supreme Court has ruled on the school finance case this morning. We are still reviewing the 100-page document, but the current school finance system has been ruled constitutional on all fronts. We will have more analysis in coming days." Moak and Casey

The Court wrote in its ruling today, "Our role is much more limited, as is our holding: Despite the imperfections of the current school funding regime, it meets minimum constitutional requirements."

However, the Court goes on to stress the responsibility of our legislature in addressing public school finance: "Texas's more than five million school children deserve better than serial litigation over an increasingly Daedalean 'system.' They deserve transformational, top-to-bottom reforms that amount to more than Band-Aid on top of Band-Aid. They deserve a revamped, nonsclerotic system fit for the 21st century."

You may recall that Northwest ISD joined this lawsuit in 2011. The suit challenged the constitutionality of the Texas school finance system, claiming that it fails to provide schools with sufficient funding to meet state educational standards and that the system has become a statewide property tax.

The future of Northwest ISD is bright, and our vision to prepare future-ready students is unwavering. While this is not what we had hoped for Northwest ISD and Texas public schools, our work will continue and we can continue to make our voices heard through the next legislative session. It is our hope the Legislature will take the appropriate steps to make public education a priority and adequately fund the system for all Texas children.

Together for Children,

Karen G. Rue, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools