Book Vending Machines Bring Excitement to Peterson, Love
Book Vending Machines Bring Excitement to Peterson and Love Elementary Schools
Posted on 02/03/2021
This is the image for the news article titled Book Vending Machines Bring Excitement to Peterson and Love Elementary SchoolsStudent from Peterson Elementary choosing a book from the book vending machine

It was a typical Friday morning at O.A. Peterson Elementary in Fort Worth until the chime of a schoolwide broadcast.

“Can I please have all of our bookworms join me in the library? If you have received a bookworm golden coin from your teacher, you may now head to the library.” 

The hallways buzzed following Principal Danielle Grimes’ announcement. It was finally time to use the school’s brand new book vending machine for the first time. 

When you see a vending machine, you probably expect it to dispense drinks or snacks. But two Northwest ISD elementary schools are changing that by bringing special vending machines to their campuses.

At Clara Love Elementary School, students earn “Love Bucks” — which they can redeem for prizes — for demonstrating the school’s life principles. One of the most sought-after rewards is a token for the book vending machine. 

Clara Love Elementary student receiving book from book vending machine.

For 50 Love Bucks, students earn a vending machine token to redeem for a book of their choice. For 100 Love Bucks, they get a token for a book, plus a snack and drink, and the chance to sit and read for 20 minutes in the school’s reading lounge. 

Clara Love student reading in book vending machine lounge.

Lisa Crosslin, principal at Love Elementary, said she’s excited about getting books in the hands of students.

“These are books they can keep and have their very own copy,” she said. “This project is a way for us to provide book access for all of our students, many of whom may not have extensive home libraries.”

Grimes said that the vending machine provides a tangible reward that is easy for students to aspire to earn. And students have been curious about the huge machine since it arrived on campus.

“It’s something that is big and they can see as an actual goal they can work toward,” she said. “Anytime I can put a book into a kid’s hands, I just think that’s the best possible thing you can do.”

Peterson Elementary student receiving a book from book vending machine.

Peterson Elementary was awarded an innovative teaching grant from the Northwest ISD Education Foundation to purchase their vending machine. 

Every week, teachers will choose a “bookworm” from each class to receive a gold coin. On Fridays, the bookworms get the chance to use their coin in the book vending machine. 

“It’s up to the teacher in that moment,” Grimes said. “Anything that shows a love of literature could be recognized.”

Students from Peterson Elementary who received a book from the vending machine.

Last week, Peterson students excitedly shared why they were chosen as a bookworm. One student was reading every time his teacher looked up, another completed a book review and shared it with her teacher. Many said they had earned the bookworm award for their efforts in Lexia reading enrichment. 

Grimes and Crosslin said they hope that the book vending machines will foster a love of reading for students at both of their campuses. 

“The best way to become a better reader is to read more books,” Crosslin said.

To help these campuses keep their book vending machines stocked, consider donating a book from their Amazon wishlists: