Kindergarteners Get Virtual Look at Holidays Around the World
Kindergarteners Get Virtual Look at Holidays Around the World
Posted on 12/17/2020
This is the image for the news article titled Kindergarteners Get Virtual Look at Holidays Around the WorldKindergarteners learn about Christmas in Kenya via a Zoom presentation

Every December, students in Ruth Farmer’s kindergarten class at Kay Granger Elementary in Fort Worth learn about holidays around the world.

In years past, students have traveled to different kindergarten classrooms to learn about how different countries celebrate during the winter holiday season. Students got to taste treats from each location, fill out their “passport,” and make a holiday craft.

But the typical celebration wouldn’t work this year with her class, which is made up of Remote Learning students. Farmer said that she realized that while all of her students were born in the United States, many of their parents had immigrated from other countries.

So she put a new twist on how her class studied holidays around the world and asked parents to share information about winter holidays from their native countries.

“My desire was to look at each child’s uniqueness and to have their parents really feel a part of being at Granger and in the U.S.,” Farmer said.

students learn about christmas in keyna

Sharon Ndolo, whose daughter Ayanna Momanyi is in Farmer’s class, told students about how Christmas is celebrated in Kenya. She shared photos of Father Christmas, talked about the traditional holiday feast, and played a Christmas carol in Swahili for the class.

Students were curious about the differences from how they celebrate at home.

“Does Santa come down the chimney?” one student asked.

“No, he comes on a donkey, a camel or a bicycle and then he comes through the door,” Ndolo told the class.

“But why doesn’t Santa come in a sleigh?” another student inquired.

“Because when he’s in Africa, there are many camels, bicycles and donkeys,” Ndolo said.

“And no sleighs!” Ayanna added.

Other families shared about winter holidays in Puerto Rico, India, South Korea, Africa and the Czech Republic.