NISD Expected to Enroll 32,000 Students by 2026
Northwest ISD Expected to Enroll 32,000 Students in the Next Five Years
Posted on 02/24/2021
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Despite the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, demographic reports show that builders in the surrounding area are having a record year.

What does that mean for Northwest ISD? Demographers say that by the year 2026, the district’s enrollment will likely exceed 32,000 students.

Northwest ISD works with Southlake-based Templeton Demographics to plan where future schools will be constructed to serve families as home developments are built.

Their expertise ensures the district has the most effective plan to serve students and families as our district grows, said Tim McClure, assistant superintendent for facilities.

“We are dedicated to using taxpayer dollars wisely, so it’s critical that we know where new developments are being planned and when the houses are being constructed,” he said.

Bob Templeton, who leads Templeton Demographics, says that his company works with more than 100 school districts in Texas.

And Northwest ISD continues to be one of the fastest growing in the state. The district is ranked eighth in Texas in student enrollment growth, according to the most recent data (2018-2019) from the Fast Growth School Coalition. This coalition has identified 81 fast-growth districts in Texas that meet specific criteria.

“It’s been very exciting to watch the change that has happened,” he said.

The district is adding about 2,500 homes per year, even with the economic downturn caused by the global pandemic, he said. Templeton said that reports show the number could increase to 3,000 new homes in the “foreseeable future.”

Currently, the fastest growing area of the district is south of Highway 114 along Highway 287. Templeton said about 1,700 new homes are being built per year in this area.

So far, NISD has opened one high school, two middle schools and four elementary schools in this area to address the growing population. The district’s 20th elementary campus, Berkshire Elementary School, will open in Fall 2021 in the area as well.

“We’ve basically put an entire feeder pattern in the southern portion of the district,” he said.

Growth is also occurring along the Interstate 35 corridor north of Justin and Northlake, where Templeton said more than 1,000 homes are currently being built per year.

Developments that would bring 15,000 new houses are planned in the western portion of the district near Rhome, but Templeton said those developments won’t ramp up for a couple years.

While the district shouldn’t need new construction in the area for a while, there will eventually be significant growth in the western portion of our district.

“Down the road, we will see the need for multiple elementary schools, multiple middle schools and, eventually, a high school in the western half of the district,” Templeton said.

The Board of Trustees receive quarterly reports from Templeton Demographics. McClure’s staff continues to evaluate and revise construction plans based on the data provided to ensure projects are efficient and cost-effective.

And that likely won’t change anytime soon, Templeton said.

“The housing is super strong, the job growth is incredibly strong, so we do expect this trend to continue for the next 15-20 years,” he said.