Collective Responsibility in Remote Learning
Collective Responsibility in Remote Learning

Success in all educational settings requires support from all stakeholders. NISD has outlined the roles and responsibilities of teachers, families and students.

  • Participate in an introductory overview prior to beginning remote learning.
  • Identify a quiet and comfortable place to participate in learning, class time, and discussions.
  • Dedicate the required time to learning each day. This includes time required in virtual class meetings, group and partner learning time, and time dedicated to complete assignments.
  • Check online learning platforms daily for information regarding classes and assignments.
  • Participate in online learning activities by responding to questions, asking questions, providing input, and working with groups.
  • Know your username and password and access resources through the district portal. Do not share your username or password.
  • Submit all assignments by due dates established by your teacher(s). All work submitted should be authentic work that has been completed by the student.
  • Two-way communication with teachers.



  • Discuss learning activities with your students.
  • Help your child establish a comfortable and quiet place for learning in the home.
  • Ensure that your students are balancing time in front of the computer with physical activity and offline activity.
  • Monitor time spent on online and offline learning to ensure that students are spending adequate time mastering their learning as well as participating in class meetings, group sessions, and one-on-one learning sessions with their teacher.
  • Maintain communication with your student's teachers.
  • Monitor district communication for information regarding learning activities or any upcoming changes in remote learning.
  • Families are responsible for picking up and dropping off any hard copy materials that the student may need from the student’s home campus.


  • Ensure that your student has an NISD-issued Chromebook. Students may use their own device as long as it conforms to the district’s Bring Your Own Device Guidelines.
  • Make sure that your child knows their username and password for access to resources.
  • Please ensure your students have internet access in the home. Please click Student Help Desk or call 817-698-1000, if you need support with acquiring a student device or internet access.
  • Visit for more information.

  • Develop high quality remote lessons and assignments that address the Texas Essential Knowledge and Standards (TEKS).
  • Provide necessary accommodations for all under Section 504, English Language Learners, Gifted and Talented, and/or Special Education.
  • Plan and use appropriate instructional strategies, activities, materials, and equipment that reflect accommodations for students’ individual needs.
  • Provide a variety of learning experiences through synchronous and asynchronous activities.
  • Consistently assess student achievement through formal and informal testing (including district CBAs) and use results to plan instructional activities.
  • Communicate regularly with students and parents to communicate student performance.
  • Support classroom performance through tutorials and study materials. 
  • Daily interactions with all students.
  • Respond to students and guardians within a 24 hour period (excluding weekends)