Senior Prom Guidelines
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Spring 2021 Senior Prom Guidelines - COVID Safety Protocols


  • The school-sponsored senior prom must be held on/in an NISD facility.
  • Spaces that can be used: gym, courtyard, cafeteria, parking lot, indoor field, and/or outside fields.
    • Multiple areas of the school can be used, allowing groups of students to rotate to the different areas.
    • No more than 50 students can congregate in a defined space for more than 2 hours due to social distancing/contact tracing.
  • Groups are required to stay together during the duration of the event to avoid additional close contact tracing/quarantine.


  • The 2021 Senior Prom will be open to seniors currently enrolled on the campus holding the event. Seniors from that campus will be the only students allowed to attend.
  • A senior student’s guardian may volunteer to chaperone at the event (no siblings will be allowed to attend).
  • If rotating stations are set up, additional supervision may be required.
  • Masks are required for every person and must be worn during the entire event (may be removed for pictures with the photographer only).
  • All participants must check-in with the district COVID reporting QR code and complete the form affirming they do not have COVID symptoms and that they have not been in close contact with a person who is lab-confirmed with COVID. Efforts should be made to set up multiple sign-in stations if multiple spaces are used.


  • If food is provided individuals should remain 6 ft. apart when actively eating or drinking.
  • Dancing will be allowed with the understanding that social distancing guidelines should be followed. Close contact quarantine will be required if a student in the group tests positive for COVID and close contact is determined.
  • If awards are distributed, they should be given in a contactless manner. Awards can be handed to a recipient, but physical contact (shaking hands, hugging, etc.) is prohibited.


Final plans* outlining the event must be submitted to the district’s COVID Safety Committee for approval.
*Plans reviewed by the Committee on April 6 have been approved.

All District COVID Health and Safety Protocols must be adhered to that have not been specified in this document.
NISD reserves the right to cancel the event if COVID numbers warrant.