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Foreign Exchange Programs

Program Standards and Registration Procedures

Foreign exchange programs are an important part of the school experience for both the foreign student and the host community. Programs should provide a cultural experience for both the foreign student and his community. In order to protect the interests of our patrons, students and to ensure the integrity of the foreign exchange program, NISD has established these standards. They apply to not-for-profit programs involving a one-year or semester home stay experience for high school students from foreign countries coming to the United States and this community. All foreign exchange programs petitioning for partition in NISD will be considered providing the standards set forth in this document are maintained.

Acceptance as an NISD recognized institution will be at the discretion of the NISD Board of Trustees or its designee and is subject to change and review if any agency is not in compliance with the specified criterion. Each participating foreign exchange program must register annually with the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. Acceptance in one school year does not constitute acceptance in the following school year. No foreign exchange student will be registered in NISD unless the sponsoring organization has been registered and approved by the NISD Board of Trustees as an accredited agency. Only private, not-for-profit program sponsors will be considered. The standards for acceptance as well as the registration procedures are included in the body of this document. NISD standards are based on the established guidelines of the Council for Standards of International Education Travel (CSIET) and the United States Information Agency (USIA) regulations. Associations must be accepted for full listing on the current CSIET List of Approved Organizations.

Program Standards

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