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SchoolMed Telehealth

Northwest ISD has partnered with SchoolMed to provide all students with access to telehealth services as well as other healthcare while on campus.

Through SchoolMed, provided by Goodside Health, on-demand healthcare workers can test and treat students for strep, the flu and COVID as well as common illnesses such as sore throat, headaches, skin rash, pink eye, upset stomach and the common cold. District nurses will continue to serve students on campus at Northwest ISD schools, and SchoolMed will soon provide additional services.

The cost of a telehealth visit to SchoolMed will vary depending on health insurance plan, similar to a traditional healthcare clinic visit. Some families may qualify for assistance programs with an application.

For working families, a parent or guardian can join the telehealth call from work using a video chat feature, preventing them from having to leave work. Telehealth visits may be scheduled whenever a child feels sick, as appointments are not required. Students must be registered for a visit, however.

Families can register their students by visiting, or they can fill out a paper form with the school nurse.