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Required Documents

  • Student birth certificate (new students)
  • Social Security Card—This is optional. NISD uses a student's Social Security number for submissions under the Public Information Management System (PEIMS). If a parent chooses not to provide a Social Security number, NISD will assign a state-approved identifier.
  • Student immunization records (new students & returning only if immunizations have been updated)
  • Photo ID of legal guardian (new students or if a change has occurred)
  • Proof of residency (All students - choose from the list below)
    • Utility bill (Gas, Water, Electric, Trash) showing service address, usage, and name of guardian
    • Current, signed lease/rental document (for 30 days and then a utility bill)
    • Closing documents for home purchase (for 30 days and then a utility bill)
  • Custody or other legal documents pertaining to the student (if applicable)
  • Most recent transcript or report card (new students, if available)