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Student Transfers

The transfer window for the 2024-2025 school year is now closed.

Intradistrict Transfers

For intradistrict (inside the NISD attendance zones) transfers you will need to meet one of the criteria listed below with acceptable documentation. This does not automatically mean the transfer will be approved. The elementary and secondary executive directors look at each transfer on an individual basis.
Open/Closed Campus Policy: The Superintendent or designee shall determine annually which campuses are open or closed for transfers as specified in FDB (EXHIBIT). If a previously open campus is closed to transfers, students submitting a renewal application shall be allowed to continue at the current campus under the provisions allowed by this policy. Click here for a list of closed campuses.

Interdistrict Transfers

Northwest ISD is closed to interdistrict transfers, except as permitted in this Regulation.

In cases where a student was granted an interdistrict transfer before March 31, 2017 and the student has remained continuously enrolled at the District, the transfer will remain in effect as long as the student meets the eligibility criteria and has not had the transfer denied or revoked. A grandfathered student must complete a transfer application each year within the prescribed time period.

Although a grandfathered student may be eligible for a transfer into the District, the student is not guaranteed to be assigned to the student’s current or requested campus from year to year. Placement is subject to administrative determinations of available space and instructional staff.

Siblings of students whose transfers are grandfathered under this policy are not automatically approved for a transfer. Siblings seeking to transfer into the District must apply under the transfer policy in effect at the time the application is made and must independently meet the current criteria to have a transfer approved.

Open/Closed Campus Policy: If a transfer student attends or requests a campus that is closed to transfers, the student may be assigned or transferred to the closest open campus or to another campus with available space and instructional staff, as determined by the Superintendent or designee and the appropriate Executive Director. 

Requirements for All Transfers

Bona Fide Residence: A student's bona fide residence shall be defined as the domicile that is the student's fixed, permanent, and principal housing for legal purposes. A student does not establish a bona fide residence by living in the District or a particular attendance zone for only a portion of the week or only on school days unless this arrangement is specified in a divorce decree or other court order. [See FD (REGULATION)]

FDB – Regulation

Transfer requests must be submitted online. During the transfer window, access to the online transfer request form can be found on this page. All transfers are processed through the Offices of the Executive Directors of Elementary and Secondary Education. After the transfer window closes, parents must contact the appropriate office of either the executive director of elementary or secondary education.

Elementary requests and submissions should be made to:

Felicia Flores
Phone: 817-215-0218
Fax: 817-698-6684

Secondary requests and submissions should be made to:

Tammy Duplanty
Phone: 817-215-0080
Fax: 817-698-6683