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Credit by Exam

Credit/Acceleration by Examination for Acceleration WITHOUT Prior Instruction 



Credit/Acceleration by examination for acceleration without prior instruction is to allow students to advance in grade level or progress to courses that challenge them without having to take courses that cover information they already know.

There is no limit to how many grade levels or courses a student may advance through Credit/Acceleration by Examination; however, students in 6-12 may advance one grade level in each testing period.  High School Students may advance in one course in a subject area during each testing period.

A student in grades 6-12 will be given credit for an academic course if the student scores 80% or above on the ENTIRE course examination. An exception may be made by the principal for a student from out of district entering with ½ credit in a full credit course to take a test over the missing semester to complete the credit in the course. Grade earned through CBE are not included in the GPA ranking. (Board Policy EIC - Legal/Local)

Secondary students (grades 6 – 12) will take two tests for each course in which they are testing. Secondary students wishing to advance a grade will take eight tests total. It is suggested not to take more than 2-3 exam a day for secondary students. 

A student in grades 8-12 may earn up to four credits during a summer examination administration. 


A student in Grade 1-5 may be accelerated one grade level if he or she meets all of the following requirements:

  1. The student scores 80% or above on each of the criterion references tests in language arts, math, science, and social studies for the grade level he or she wishes to advance.  
  2. A school district representative recommends acceleration of the student
  3. A parent of guardian approves acceleration of the student 
  4. Elementary students (grades 1 – 5), will take a total of four tests to advance one grade level. It is suggested not to take more than two exams a day.